Watch for It!

My new book, Mistaken Identity, will be available soon.

Watch for details.


11 thoughts on “Watch for It!

  1. Diana Smith

    Just wanted to say publically and ‘out loud’ how much I enjoyed reading your book, Sheila, (and barbara’s afterword). I really appreciate its accessibility – the writing, the language, the voice, the length of each chapter/story was that in spades. The content is also impactful. Without malice, you describe each incident succinctly. It is a subject within the LGBT field that is not written about very much. And it is not just in the past…I am thinking about the two incidents I witnessed recently, when having brunch with you, in a gay resaurant, by two different (probably) queer servers, within the space of any hour. (Your stories, for the sequel, so won’t go into details). Mind-blowing. Maybe they would like to buy a few copies?

    1. sheila gilhooly

      Diana great to see you here..thanks for the lavishment….you are the very best sort of ally..

  2. Wendy McPeake

    Congratulations Sheila! Your stories are … well, awesome! Thanks to Kate, Dorothy and barbara for making them accessible to us.

        1. Sheila Gilhooly

          thanks Nancy !! wish you could be here for the old home week/ book launch.. are very present on the picture boards.. assembled for the for the occasion..30 some years worth !!
          love sheila


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