the launch

gender identity butch Wasn’t that a party  !!

I couldn’t have done this without barbara findlay or Kate Nonesuch.


4 thoughts on “the launch

  1. BK

    yes, it was a great launch! You know how to bring out a crowd and show everyone a good time.
    Maybe next time you’re in Ottawa, you’ll have to bring books and have a party there.

  2. Marilyn Fuchs

    A swell time indeed. You really know how to show us a good time. And what a wonderful event to be celebrating. Congratulations again Sheila.

  3. Nancy Rosenberg

    Can’t believe we missed ‘the launch’! Wish we could have been there to party with you, Sheila, barbara and the rest of you wonderful west coasters!! Plus great baking, according to Evelyn. Please send nanaimo bars!

  4. Evelyn Battell

    Wow! What a party! What power from you, Sheila, and from the crowd! What a thrill to be there. Not to mention great baking!


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