Andiswa Dlamini on being butch

I found a great story by Sokari Ekineon about the South African spoken word poet and performance activist Andiswa Dlamini, who was quoted in the story:

“There is a belief by young men that we [‘butch lesbians’] want to be men”, she explains. “The poem ‘I resent you’ was written to challenge this myth. I am not a guy and no matter how ‘butch’ a ‘butch lesbian’ is, they will always have a feminine side. Guys seem to think that we want to be guys – we don’t.
“So what is the point of trying to correct that which is not real. When I sit alone I have my own thoughts. I know I am a woman. I have feminine qualities and no matter how hard they think I am trying to be a man, I have so much of the female factor so no guy should walk around thinking I want to be a man.”

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