The Launch

I just had to share this recent blog by Kate Nonesuch about the launch
of “Mistaken Identity”. Her description so perfectly describes the
great pride and joy and vindication it gave me. And that feeling has
persisted with every response to my blog and every new thing I’ve
learned along the way. My editor/publisher Kate, learned what she
needed about design and e-books, twitter, finding links etc. and
has let me learn as little or as much as I want at a speed that works
for me. Making it all a discovery rather than a dread. My new-found
pride in my skills and competence runs nicely parallel to the
confidence I’m coming to enjoy about how I look and how I sound and
who I am.

Working in Adult Literacy

Sheila Gilhooly Mistaken IdentityThe launch is a big day in the life of any book. It is the day when the art made out of life goes out into the world to see what its reception will be.

Mistaken Identity started as a small project to print Sheila’s stories for a small group of friends. barbara had 60 copies printed. (The list had grown from the original 20 we had planned for.)

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One thought on “The Launch

  1. Jenny Horsman

    I love your description Sheila of Kate’s way of inviting you to learn only what you were ready to learn as “making it all a discovery rather than a dread” – I think that’s so key in making learning a pleasure rather than terrifying, or simply impossible because our brains close down when we’re afraid. I’m so delighted to hear too what a vindication it has been for you to get your voice out into the world and read people’s responses. I believe in the value of the internet to help us connect and find allies – and your experience seems to illustrate this at its best. I love that you get to feel more confidence in who you are – hope that confidence grows and grows – more power to you! I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog!


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