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Jenny Horsman for TEDx Toronto

I admire this woman’s incredible commitment to education.

Working in Adult Literacy

Jenny Horsman Jenny Horsman

My friend and colleague, Jenny Horsman, is applying to give a talk at TEDx Toronto.

I have often referred to her work on the impacts of violence on learning, and wrote a post about her website which is full of information and resources on the topic. I know that many students in adult literacy, adult basic education, or GED programs struggle with learning because of their past or current experiences of violence.

I have always found Jenny’s research about the violence/learning connection useful, and her specific strategies for helping students learn and learn to learn in the aftermath of violence are practical and imaginative.

So I was excited to learn that she was applying to be a speaker at TEDx Toronto. I hope that readers of this blog will lend their support by nominating her to be a speaker.

Perhaps you have heard her speak, or read her work, or visited…

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When gender and sex identity is up for discussion at Walgreens

This is a great piece and I can totally relate plus laughed out loud several times. I have found a soul-mate in the dance of gender.
Check it out.

Writing Humbuggery

I took a trip to my friendly neighborhood Walgreens tonight for a few necessities: antibacterial soap for my new tattoo, deodorant and a variety pack of tampons. I took my goods to the cashier and enter my phone number in the hopes of saving some pennies on my purchase. Naturally, my name pops up on the screen, seen by the guy behind the register.

“You’re not Catherine.”

“Yeah I am. You wanna see my ID?”

“No. But you’re [mumble] [mumble] Catherine [mumble]  not….[something] [something].”

And then he mumbled some more stuff, which I promptly ignored as I swiped my card. I was unfazed. I am used to people being unwilling to accept that I am female.

This was merely a blip in a long line of stories I’ve got that challenge what people think is “female.” And it wasn’t the only time it happened at a Walgreens.

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The Launch

I just had to share this recent blog by Kate Nonesuch about the launch
of “Mistaken Identity”. Her description so perfectly describes the
great pride and joy and vindication it gave me. And that feeling has
persisted with every response to my blog and every new thing I’ve
learned along the way. My editor/publisher Kate, learned what she
needed about design and e-books, twitter, finding links etc. and
has let me learn as little or as much as I want at a speed that works
for me. Making it all a discovery rather than a dread. My new-found
pride in my skills and competence runs nicely parallel to the
confidence I’m coming to enjoy about how I look and how I sound and
who I am.

Working in Adult Literacy

Sheila Gilhooly Mistaken IdentityThe launch is a big day in the life of any book. It is the day when the art made out of life goes out into the world to see what its reception will be.

Mistaken Identity started as a small project to print Sheila’s stories for a small group of friends. barbara had 60 copies printed. (The list had grown from the original 20 we had planned for.)

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Patted Down

When barbara and I went to Ottawa last month, to visit my mom, we had to fly, it being the only way to get there. Airport security has always been a bit tense for me, though picture I.D. has saved me from questions like: “Who’s identification is this and where did you get it?” or comments like: “It is illegal to use another person’s identification.” It’s better since, when push comes to shove, my I.D. does match how I look. But we never get to that point without several rounds of “SIR” which I feel I have to correct because it’s airport security and I try not to look like I’m trying to trick anybody. Continue reading

Read an E-Book Week

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