Jenny Horsman for TEDx Toronto

I admire this woman’s incredible commitment to education.

Working in Adult Literacy

Jenny Horsman Jenny Horsman

My friend and colleague, Jenny Horsman, is applying to give a talk at TEDx Toronto.

I have often referred to her work on the impacts of violence on learning, and wrote a post about her website which is full of information and resources on the topic. I know that many students in adult literacy, adult basic education, or GED programs struggle with learning because of their past or current experiences of violence.

I have always found Jenny’s research about the violence/learning connection useful, and her specific strategies for helping students learn and learn to learn in the aftermath of violence are practical and imaginative.

So I was excited to learn that she was applying to be a speaker at TEDx Toronto. I hope that readers of this blog will lend their support by nominating her to be a speaker.

Perhaps you have heard her speak, or read her work, or visited…

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